Dr. Betty Knight: There Is A Best Seller In Me! (A Visual Poetic Declaration) New Link: https://youtu.be/JBx4_bMOm5U 

Listen to My Signature Sound: In this video, Dr. Betty Knight is masterfully and poetically making a bold declaration, that THERE IS A BESTSELLER IN HER! Stay tuned... Coming Soon!

FEEDBACK FROM LAQUITA MCBRIDE  (loving known as Queen)

I watched it this morning 5/21/2022!  Good Job!  I am witnessing ( and love) how you are speaking all things into manifestation.  With great poise and patience, you are speaking life into what will be in your life!  Through your faithful encouragement, and your belief in what will be; is a testament to what our faith should be in God and ourselves. It's phenomenally beautiful, prophetically spoken, and powerfully executed!  

Nice job! Have a wonderfully blessed, sunny day!  Love you 😘 

Feel free to contact her on her direct line: (424) 445-2093

Book: Friends With Benefit A Cause In Need of Specified Awareness 

Mp3 link for Narrator: London Trinity Dixon Winters

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