Out Reach Commanding Communicator Profile

Betty Knight vision as a Commanding Communicator was birthed from the struggles she endured in Corporate America in 2001. Commanding Communicator business  was birthed in November of 2018.  Little did Dr. Knight know that in her return back to college, her targeted degrees in Conflict Resolutions, Medication, Conflict Analysis, and other academia achievements; are what gives her uniquely qualified  strategies to transform lives.   Betty Knight  proven tools are transcendentally used in resolution techniques in her school-based services.   She offers these tools in her events, seminars, and workshops.   In 1980's and 90's, life skills for at risk youth was necessary, and awareness along with conversation; Betty Knight leadership guided positive change.  For example, having four children of her own; Betty Knight took her vision into the communities for the youth,  where she was able to provide intervention, social skills, and peer mediation skills in Elementary, Middle, and High Schools.   In 2007, Betty Knight used MISS CORPORATE AMERICA INC, as her platform to not only demonstrate leadership, with the exception of completing  her books as added school-base tools which improves learning and well-being.  The importance of change especially now in 2020; has an distinctive growing interest in our world today.   Nathaniel Branden "The first step toward change is Awareness." Dr. Knight believes conscious awareness makes you relevant.  Relevance used here simply means "important to the matter at hand."   In essence, relevance can keep you from being underestimated as well as overlooked.  Dr. Knight has not only investigated herself in adversity; she also has the documentation from her relevant experiences to back-up her contribution and  impact.  

Her resilience  is the mastery tools used to accomplished five degrees in seven years 2007-14; while in the fight for destiny.  Listen, you can find out through the Spoke Word on the next page; which gives you only a glimpse of how those challenges not only builds character, they bring noticeable character forth as well.  She has been speaking for four plus decades. She received the recognition from Five Fold International as Drop the Mic Knight.  This title is bestowed upon her for her ability to hit the 7 C’s of communication; in her speaking delivery.  Through Dr. Betty Knight's conviction, as a life long learner and when you add her experiences in the mix; many validate; that is,  what  makes her RELEVANT.