Awareness: There is a Bestseller In Me.  (Click on mp3 Link)


Book Betty Knight at your next event; to learn how to use FEEDBACK as an Effective Strategy in making sure you receive Credit for your work and as a gauge for your Character.  When you know how to use FEEDBACK effectively you sit at the table in the Boardroom and not on the toilet in the Bathroom.

Learn how to Communicate Persuasively without abandoning your needs to please others.

Betty Knight explains, how unchecked behavior from other people; that you come in contact with; sets off alarms in your emotions that reveal; that, boundaries are NECESSARY to maintain a Healthy Relationships.

1. How to recognize boundaries
2. How to maintain boundaries lines just by speaking up.
3. When there are certainties on where you stand, that is "when" you can take a STAND.
4. FEEDBACK: What do you think?  Remember this, feedback is a necessary part of growth and development. 

Learn how to Communicate Persuasively with honesty.  And when covered in transparency, it can even be perceived as a turn on.  This level of awareness has to do with the sum total of CAPACITY-yours and others:

Dr. Knight has modeling and mirroring techniques tailored for Commanding Communicators workshops, conferences, & seminars  to exceed your needs & desired expectations. She has discovered proven strategies on how to stop seeing boundaries as limitations, yet, as SEPARATION; as a shining light giving yourself permission to be first for once in your life. Are you a little bit curious?

Book, Dr. Betty Knight for one of her Commanding Communicator Workshops,  Seminars or Conferences.

When Booking Dr. Knight,  learn how FEEDBACK is an Effective Strategy when utilized as IMMEDIATE  GRATIFICATION. Experts state that "Instant gratification is the desire to experience pleasure or fulfillment without delay or deferment..  Basically, it's when you want it; and you want it now."  Why shouldn't FEEDBACK be handled like this "sometime?"  I will argue that, "Waiting too long to give feedback can prove to be missed opportunity for growth and development. This feedback, just could be that defining moment for the person(s) receiving it, to connect and turn a chapter in their lives.  This feedback can answers specific questions; with that right answer, (that answer that connects the dots).  I will illuminate  your awareness from past experiences and empower your life today; by using feedback.  Just think, you are at this place and space in your life that makes you want more.  This awareness is  a right off the press moment, that demands affirmation from within you.  This kind of Feedback is useful as well as helpful in one gaining better understanding of the matter(s) at hand.  

RELEVANCE!  Remember questions get answers. And in relationships you could very well be the student. Furthermore, when waiting, for feedback the student might not connect the feedback with the actions at hand - like math, writing, arithmetic and relationships.  For instance, lack of understanding leaves room for little growth and understanding, and it can also leave you with mixed signals. 

Now, I do understand how instance GRATIFICATION can stunt growth & development. Some scholars argue "in summary, over-reliance on instant gratification behaviors can create problems by changing our brains, distracting us from more meaningful pursuits, and leading to level of distractions."

Therefore,  I leave you with this in mind;  IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION when utilized in the correct setting and the right environment this FEEDBACK, will prove to be healthy, not harmful.